Walking the narrow road part1

img_3457    There are a lot of people out there you feel like your whole world is broken,you feel rejected,like you don’t belong anywhere because of some mistakes you made.You can’t share your pain cause no one understands you,you will me misjudged.Yes that’s true it’s just human nature everywhere you even amongst Christians,not everyone will understand you,people will judge you cause they didn’t make your mistake and yours is so heavy.So you get frustrated.

Fraustation leads to a lot of things especially the negative side.It takes you place where you knew you will never go,do things you never imagined you will do,it makes you forget who you are,you for forget the goals/vision you once wanted to achieve.You start involving your self in drugs,prostitution,killing,stealing,violence,occultism…..and many others.Sometimes you feel like you should die,you just hate everything around you.But the is one man who understands you every problem,he has the solution to everything.His name is Jesus.Some people who say but he wasn’t there when all these was happening to me.He was there but you didn’t ask for his help,even if you did you weren’t patient enough for him to work things out.

Don’t feel that what you did was to heavy for you to call his name.Jesus doesn’t care about your past or what you did,he cares about your tomorrow and what you become Jeremiah29:11,God has the best thoughts for us.All you have to do is call on him and trust him.Dont feel like he forgot you God allows to pass through narrow roads for so many reasons,he might have let you suffer so you see the need for God in your life,for you to be humble,to open a door for you to greatness ,to show the world that rejected people can be outstanding,for you to be a mentor to people who went through what you went through.Im talking to someone who is tired of the bad life he/she has been living and wants to show people that something great can come out of you,and be an encouragement to other