What do you build on?

Ascending is one of the most difficult processes ,but descending is very easy.”You can’t build a house from the roof to the flour that house can never stand for long,you build from bottom to top”.When you want to be great or be at the top in life it’s a process,you don’t just arrive there.You start from the bottom,you climb step by step while climbing those step you will find a lot of obstacles;challenges,discouragements,temptations…but because you have a goal to achieve you fight them,your patience you keep climbing till you get there.When you get to that top there is that joy,satisfaction,your so proud,happy for your achievement.But one thing your forget is with the twinkle of an eye you can lose all.There are many people who struggled from scratch built businesses but just one signature made them lose everything,some people use to be the best in class,have a gpa of 3.9/4 but on the day after or before or that day of their graduation they die… This happened because they didn’t know God.Man would say that is their destiny,that’s Gods will Jeremiah29:10 God has never and will never plan evil for us.People don’t know they devil is a trickster,the devil knows what you have ahead he will not stop you when your at the bottom he will let you suffer and when you get there.He doesn’t waste time the least opportunity he finds he uses it he gets you and your off track.Don’t feel that because you succeeding today it’s by your might,the devil is helping so that you feel you doing all by your self and you don’t need God,he is deceiving you because at the end you won’t make heaven though you where successful on earth.The bible tells us Christ is our rock meaning what ever thing you do in life your foundation should be on Christ ,if you really want to stand firm, when there is God involved there is an assurance, even if u fall he will still bring you back up.All things work together for the good of them that luv God Romans8:28 what ever thing you do as a doctor,business man or woman,student,engineer,Capianter….any thing do you need Jesus he won’t only help you make it here on earth but help you get to heaven

Walking the narrow road part1

img_3457    There are a lot of people out there you feel like your whole world is broken,you feel rejected,like you don’t belong anywhere because of some mistakes you made.You can’t share your pain cause no one understands you,you will me misjudged.Yes that’s true it’s just human nature everywhere you even amongst Christians,not everyone will understand you,people will judge you cause they didn’t make your mistake and yours is so heavy.So you get frustrated.

Fraustation leads to a lot of things especially the negative side.It takes you place where you knew you will never go,do things you never imagined you will do,it makes you forget who you are,you for forget the goals/vision you once wanted to achieve.You start involving your self in drugs,prostitution,killing,stealing,violence,occultism…..and many others.Sometimes you feel like you should die,you just hate everything around you.But the is one man who understands you every problem,he has the solution to everything.His name is Jesus.Some people who say but he wasn’t there when all these was happening to me.He was there but you didn’t ask for his help,even if you did you weren’t patient enough for him to work things out.

Don’t feel that what you did was to heavy for you to call his name.Jesus doesn’t care about your past or what you did,he cares about your tomorrow and what you become Jeremiah29:11,God has the best thoughts for us.All you have to do is call on him and trust him.Dont feel like he forgot you God allows to pass through narrow roads for so many reasons,he might have let you suffer so you see the need for God in your life,for you to be humble,to open a door for you to greatness ,to show the world that rejected people can be outstanding,for you to be a mentor to people who went through what you went through.Im talking to someone who is tired of the bad life he/she has been living and wants to show people that something great can come out of you,and be an encouragement to other


You need to be alone to be great 

When God created the world,he made each of us individually and differently,even twins that’s why they didn’t come out at the same time.A lot of people have forgotten when you die you die alone,on the judgment day your judged alone,when your sick you feel the pain alone,when you want to make a name you make that name alone,check the richest men in the world their riches belong to them alone even if they where twins,u can’t see two presidents of a country even if the president is a twin. Many people have attached them selves to others,they can’t do things alone.You have a vision but because you friend is not going that way you change your direction,you a creating your way for destruction.others do things because everyone is doing it or they tell you to do it,because in your family they follow this road and you goal is not that way but you most follow Mehnn you are crazy.Thats why we have bibles to gain wisdom.There are times you need to step out of the crowd and be left alone.Left alone doesn’t mean you should stop talking to people and sitting alone but making a difference,distinguishing your self.There are positive decisions you make and the devil is not happy,cause he knows it will help you so he knows he can’t get you,he uses the closest people who around you who don’t even know God or spiritually strong to give you advice that sounds right to bring you down.A person who works according to the flesh or thinks like man can will only give you advice that sounds suitable to him or how man sees it–Act5:38.God talks to you when your alone Daniel10:5-9,God needs you alone so your attention is drown only to him so you can hear him clearly.God can’t talk to you when you always in the mist of people your wont hear him Galatians6:4.If you want to be outstanding in life don’t attach your life to others

Let go

Some people attach them selves to old things so much that they can’t move forward,they keep holding on to that thing they don’t WANa let go.They raped you,you had a terrible accident that made you loose your legs,you saw your loved one die.Your still holding on to that trauma you don’t want to move ahead,all that is in your mind your keep making that thing repeat itself in your mind cause you don’t wana let go of it.Some females or males they will break your heart after 4years you still on the fact that they broke your heart you,start looking for ways to get into the heart breakers life,revenge.Did they promise you marriage,even if they promised you or you got married ,is it that person who is keeping you alive or God.You guyz where never meant to be God doesn’t give you something you can’t handle or wasn’t meant for you.Some people become comfortable with their situation in life cause in your mind “it’s life badluck happens”.Not when I know a God who is mighty,the badluck might come but it doesn’t last.Your go to the hospital they say you have cancer you hold on to that Cancer till it kills u,when there is a God which nothing is impossible for him to do even HIV/AIDS he can take it away depending on your faith.Some people remain in poverty and are already comfortable in that state that’s why the can’t move forward because they don’t want to know God,they don’t want to dream big,they don’t want to work hard for that big dream .There are many influential men and women today not all came from a rich home but they refused to be comfortable in that condition and fought for their dreams.2corinthian5:17.Step out of that comfort zone,that thing holding you back and making you stagnant and focus on tomorrow because yesterday can never be tomorrow

Know God in every situation 

Proverb 20:30 Many people today when they are fine everything is working well for them they don’t know God.They only wait for that moment when they are faced in painful situations,heavy challenges,trails,temptations..etc.Thats when they start running and crying to God for help.No no that not how it’s suppose to be.God might help u at that moment because he is a merciful God but that help doesn’t last .Ezekiel 16:43a”Because thou hast not remember me in the days of thy youth but has fretted me in all this things.Behold therefore I also will recompense(reward) thy way upon thine head saith the lord God .youth here are those days we where okay enjoying ,to busy with work and many things and forgetting God.To have that everlasting help from God ,we need to remember him where ever we go Ezekiel16:60 n Ecclesiastes12:1

God is the vine

God said he is the vine and we are the branches JOHN15:5 :e vine is a tree,Is there any branch which produces fruits without a tree, if there is no tree therefore the branch will wither,it won’t be able to stand firm.As branches we need to thank,praise and worship him everyday.If u don’t tke God with you where ever you go to you are empty,you are like a branch cut of from a tree.Many people today would say I can pay my bills,I can feed myself,I can send my children to school.i don’t need anything from God,I’m strong n healthy .Before saying that have u ever sat down to think that people die everyday and your still alive,people are born handicap but u can move with your both legs n use your hands,people who sleep on the streets and eat from trash cans but you have a place to sleep you are sure of having at least 3meals a day.So do u think it’s by your might n power your alive today and you have what you have now,if it is then Michael Jackson,Steve Jobs etc would be alive today because the had all the money which could pay their hospital bills in any hospital in the world.You need God in your life ,if u have seen today it’s by his grace.