Are you a winner or loser

I am trying,I have been trying but nothing moving.I just have to GIVE UP.When you don’t see the physical evidence of the goals or plans you have inside of you,you don’t just sit there and say i have no other choice but to back out/give up.No good thing is easy to get even JESUS had to suffer to get good things,just to sit at God’s right hand,just to set us free he had to go through torture here on earth.Your failure shouldn’t put you on the ground,it shouldn’t discourage you to the point when you have to say I give up.Sometimes you have to appreciate your failure,not that failure is a good thing but it strengthens you it makes you correct your mistakes and avoid other mistakes,like they say we “we learn from our mistakes”. Some people don’t learn from their failure or mistakes because they have not realized what keeps making them fail,such people are the ones who easily say i give up.That’s why we need God in our lives because he gives us wisdom and direction,he makes use realize where we went wrong and we correct them.

Giving up is for those who like defeat.I don’t think there is anyone on earth who has never felt discouraged,overcoming it is what makes you stronger,its what makes you a winner.I heat defeat that’s why i keep winning.If you have been to a factory you will notice that at the beginning of the production process the product looks very unattractive,some have very horrible smells,it can make you heat the product at the early stage of production but at the end you enjoy the product.The beginning of something is always discouraging if you want good results concur the discouragement and keep moving forward.


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