Vain success

When you start succeeding and you don’t have a relationship with God.Don’t be to excited,don’t be too proud,because your success is in vain.God doesn’t make you successful when you don’t know and you don’t love him.Knowing God is not just saying i know he is our creator,its knowing what he likes and what he doesn’t like,its knowing what to do and what your not to do,its having a relationship with him.Loving him is not just saying it but showing it and when you love someone you love the person whole heartedly Matthew22:37,you would do what so ever the person wants you to do,you will always want to please that person.The only person who gives you success when you don’t have God as your number 1 is the devil.He gives you success so you will think its your power,hard work and you wont see any reason to worship God, because you think you did it by yourself John7:18.Some other people don’t have that relationship with God but they post and write captions thanking God,yes its nice to thank God but thank him for what he did and not what the devil did for you.When i see things like that its funny to me,because I was ones ignorant too.How can God give you success and your thanking him in a club,snack bar… your thanking him with songs from the world and not spiritual songs Ephesians5:19.Just remember that no matter how successful you become you will never be save till you meet JESUS,its where you will go to at the end that matters


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