You have authority

Many of us are being kept under bondage by the devil(sickness,addiction,failure,spiritual attacks…) because we don’t know what we have.As a believer we have authority to command things and they happen.People think authority over they the devil is only for men of God,it belongs to all children of God.We received it when we became born again Ephesians1:3,Luke10:19.Many don’t know this because of their ignorance of Gods word.This is why many people are quick to judge men of God when the perform miracles,prophecy and others,they very quick to say they are fake.That is because of your foolishness and ignorance of the word of God.You don’t even read your often bible but your very quick to criticize.John14:12 it’s clear there is nothx Jesus did we can’t do.When a policeman controlling traffic raises his hand up cars stop it’s not like he has the power to stop all the cars but because of the authority the government has given him as a police man the cars stop.Thats the same way believers have authority to command things,we have authority to tell devil stop there and don’t come near me.A lot of negative things happen in your life that bring you down don’t think its normal or it from God,everything negative is from the devil.Its time you start using that authority to tell him out,stop.Authority works with faith which works with patience  Matthew21:21.If you don’t have faith you authority can’t work.Its not all the time you pastor will use his authority to help u,u need to do it by yourself.What you need from him is the word which will teach you haw to use it

And how do you use it?By getting knowledge from the word of God to teach you how it works

how to have authority?By being born again.

How do you keep it?By doing the things that please God


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