Let your dogs bark

Remember to stay positive no matter what situation you find yourself in.There are people who will mock you,laugh at you,insult,try to belittle you…It starts making you feel bad,discouraged,you don’t feel yourself.let me tell you it’s pointless feeling that way,remember “anyone trying to bring you down knows your higher than him/her “that’s why they want you downI call such people dogs.When your walking and a dog which is not yours starts barking it passes an information which makes you scared and you run or try to move faster,when there is a distance between you and the dog you will notice the backing stops or reduces.We need this dogs because the give you information.Hey I love when people mock me,insult me,make up stories about,try to belittle me.Your telling me hey girl your slow you need to move fast,very fast if possible run so you can outshine them,When you start out shining them the talking stops or reduces then they start announcing you arrival if they haven’t changed.Look at Joseph in the Bible he was hushed,belittle,hated by his brothers.Joseph didn’t sit and cry he kept the faith worked on it and waited patiently for God to show up

When God showed up he be came so great that even those dogs barking at him making him scraced,look small, bowed before him.Your dogs are there to make you strong so let them bark they can’t kill you.Now I’m not talking to someone who has been insulted,laughed at,mocked…because of your negativity that is you gossiped,made up stories about people,you got your self involved in people’s business,you tried bringing people down..1Peter4:15-16and now they mocking,insulting and laughing at you.And your saying God is watching he will fight for you No.Just check you are or where someone’s dog and it’s their turn to laugh back .What you need is just a change of life style.Im talking to people who got dogs barking because of their positive aspects that is you tried advising someone positively,you preached the word,you humbled yourself,you gave something with a good heart with no motives behind it but all you got were are barks.Just hold on a little bit more cause when God shows up your going higher than them.Not forgetting to trust and believe in God alwaysimg_3650


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