What do you build on?

Ascending is one of the most difficult processes ,but descending is very easy.”You can’t build a house from the roof to the flour that house can never stand for long,you build from bottom to top”.When you want to be great or be at the top in life it’s a process,you don’t just arrive there.You start from the bottom,you climb step by step while climbing those step you will find a lot of obstacles;challenges,discouragements,temptations…but because you have a goal to achieve you fight them,your patience you keep climbing till you get there.When you get to that top there is that joy,satisfaction,your so proud,happy for your achievement.But one thing your forget is with the twinkle of an eye you can lose all.There are many people who struggled from scratch built businesses but just one signature made them lose everything,some people use to be the best in class,have a gpa of 3.9/4 but on the day after or before or that day of their graduation they die… This happened because they didn’t know God.Man would say that is their destiny,that’s Gods will Jeremiah29:10 God has never and will never plan evil for us.People don’t know they devil is a trickster,the devil knows what you have ahead he will not stop you when your at the bottom he will let you suffer and when you get there.He doesn’t waste time the least opportunity he finds he uses it he gets you and your off track.Don’t feel that because you succeeding today it’s by your might,the devil is helping so that you feel you doing all by your self and you don’t need God,he is deceiving you because at the end you won’t make heaven though you where successful on earth.The bible tells us Christ is our rock meaning what ever thing you do in life your foundation should be on Christ ,if you really want to stand firm, when there is God involved there is an assurance, even if u fall he will still bring you back up.All things work together for the good of them that luv God Romans8:28 what ever thing you do as a doctor,business man or woman,student,engineer,Capianter….any thing do you need Jesus he won’t only help you make it here on earth but help you get to heaven


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