You need to be alone to be great 

When God created the world,he made each of us individually and differently,even twins that’s why they didn’t come out at the same time.A lot of people have forgotten when you die you die alone,on the judgment day your judged alone,when your sick you feel the pain alone,when you want to make a name you make that name alone,check the richest men in the world their riches belong to them alone even if they where twins,u can’t see two presidents of a country even if the president is a twin. Many people have attached them selves to others,they can’t do things alone.You have a vision but because you friend is not going that way you change your direction,you a creating your way for destruction.others do things because everyone is doing it or they tell you to do it,because in your family they follow this road and you goal is not that way but you most follow Mehnn you are crazy.Thats why we have bibles to gain wisdom.There are times you need to step out of the crowd and be left alone.Left alone doesn’t mean you should stop talking to people and sitting alone but making a difference,distinguishing your self.There are positive decisions you make and the devil is not happy,cause he knows it will help you so he knows he can’t get you,he uses the closest people who around you who don’t even know God or spiritually strong to give you advice that sounds right to bring you down.A person who works according to the flesh or thinks like man can will only give you advice that sounds suitable to him or how man sees it–Act5:38.God talks to you when your alone Daniel10:5-9,God needs you alone so your attention is drown only to him so you can hear him clearly.God can’t talk to you when you always in the mist of people your wont hear him Galatians6:4.If you want to be outstanding in life don’t attach your life to others


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