Let go

Some people attach them selves to old things so much that they can’t move forward,they keep holding on to that thing they don’t WANa let go.They raped you,you had a terrible accident that made you loose your legs,you saw your loved one die.Your still holding on to that trauma you don’t want to move ahead,all that is in your mind your keep making that thing repeat itself in your mind cause you don’t wana let go of it.Some females or males they will break your heart after 4years you still on the fact that they broke your heart you,start looking for ways to get into the heart breakers life,revenge.Did they promise you marriage,even if they promised you or you got married ,is it that person who is keeping you alive or God.You guyz where never meant to be God doesn’t give you something you can’t handle or wasn’t meant for you.Some people become comfortable with their situation in life cause in your mind “it’s life badluck happens”.Not when I know a God who is mighty,the badluck might come but it doesn’t last.Your go to the hospital they say you have cancer you hold on to that Cancer till it kills u,when there is a God which nothing is impossible for him to do even HIV/AIDS he can take it away depending on your faith.Some people remain in poverty and are already comfortable in that state that’s why the can’t move forward because they don’t want to know God,they don’t want to dream big,they don’t want to work hard for that big dream .There are many influential men and women today not all came from a rich home but they refused to be comfortable in that condition and fought for their dreams.2corinthian5:17.Step out of that comfort zone,that thing holding you back and making you stagnant and focus on tomorrow because yesterday can never be tomorrow


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