Know God in every situation 

Proverb 20:30 Many people today when they are fine everything is working well for them they don’t know God.They only wait for that moment when they are faced in painful situations,heavy challenges,trails,temptations..etc.Thats when they start running and crying to God for help.No no that not how it’s suppose to be.God might help u at that moment because he is a merciful God but that help doesn’t last .Ezekiel 16:43a”Because thou hast not remember me in the days of thy youth but has fretted me in all this things.Behold therefore I also will recompense(reward) thy way upon thine head saith the lord God .youth here are those days we where okay enjoying ,to busy with work and many things and forgetting God.To have that everlasting help from God ,we need to remember him where ever we go Ezekiel16:60 n Ecclesiastes12:1


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