God is the vine

God said he is the vine and we are the branches JOHN15:5 :e vine is a tree,Is there any branch which produces fruits without a tree, if there is no tree therefore the branch will wither,it won’t be able to stand firm.As branches we need to thank,praise and worship him everyday.If u don’t tke God with you where ever you go to you are empty,you are like a branch cut of from a tree.Many people today would say I can pay my bills,I can feed myself,I can send my children to school.i don’t need anything from God,I’m strong n healthy .Before saying that have u ever sat down to think that people die everyday and your still alive,people are born handicap but u can move with your both legs n use your hands,people who sleep on the streets and eat from trash cans but you have a place to sleep you are sure of having at least 3meals a day.So do u think it’s by your might n power your alive today and you have what you have now,if it is then Michael Jackson,Steve Jobs etc would be alive today because the had all the money which could pay their hospital bills in any hospital in the world.You need God in your life ,if u have seen today it’s by his grace.


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